Sticking Doors & Windows

Modern homes with aluminium sliding doors and windows

Over time rollers on windows and sliding door wear and sliding them open and shut progressively gets more difficult to the point when they may jump out of the tracks. Worst still, that the worn rollers will also wear down the tracks which becomes a very costly repair as the whole frame will need to be replaced. Fixit – Right Maintenance Solutions can replace the rollers at a low call out fee and cost of materials. This is at a much lower cost then replacing a door or window frame. Call now and save yourself money in a long run.

Older homes

Older homes with wood door and window frames need regular maintenance. There may be warping of the timber, swelling and/or rotting due to water penetration and weather damage. Due to house settling the door frame may warp and a door may be sticking or no longer able to be closed.

Windows may be sticking due to build up of paint, metal sliders may be jamming or Sash windows may need new sash cords and Hopper windows may need maintenance or replacement of metal sliders.

Fixit-Right Maintenance Solutions will tighten screws, replace hinges. Free up and oil sliders or replace when required.  Plane, scrape, sand, prime and paint timber frames all at a competitive and economical cost. Call now and make an appointment for the work that needs to be done.