Repairs to gates and fences

Is your gate sagging, the palings coming loose or even falling off? Are the hinges rusting out and making the gate hard to open and shut? Paint or varnish fading or peeling away? Has a storm broken a few fence sheets, uprooted the fence posts? Has your dog chewed off the bottom  of the gate palings and now wanders the street? Does the latch no longer lining up? Has the self closer lost its oomf, leaving the gate swinging in the breeze? Has the post come away from the wall or rotted away at ground level?

Fixit-Right Maintenance Solutions can brace your gate, re-attach the palings; free up the hinges; repaint the gate or fence, dig out the broken sheets and pop in some new ones; trim the chewed up palings, add a kick plate to the bottom of the gate and disappoint the dog; refit the latch; re-tension the spring; re-fasten the post to the wall; dig out the old leaning post and put in a new post, all at a most reasonable cost and of course if it is not repairable we can supply and fit new.