Lock Replacements and Door Hardware

Lock components wear and loosen over time. You may find that locks do not align with the catches or locks cease to work due to wear and tear. Door frames and doors may become weather damaged see Sticking Doors and Windows.

Do you need to update or upgrade your security? Is your house and contents insurance premium going to decrease if the house is fitted with window and sliding door locks? Have you recently moved into your home and don’t know who else may have a copy of your door key? To increase your security do you wish to change your locks, fit dead bolts, panic (skeleton) bolts or security peep hole in your front door?

If your doors squeak or squeal when you open them they may well need new hinges or perhaps your old hinges freed up and oiled.

Fixit–Right Maintenance Solutions is qualified to supply and fit good quality Lockwood Assa Aboy locks for a more substantial security. We fit mechanical or digital locks, to your needs and requirements.  We can also fit entry, privacy and passage door handles should you want to upgrade or replace damaged handles, sliding door and window locks fitted or replaced. Security issues are given priority with Fixit-Right Maintenance Solutions so you can be assured that you will go to the top of the service list every time. Call and see if your lock problem can be fixed today.