Gutter and Downpipe Cleaning

Blocked downpipes, gutters and roof valleys are often the major cause of water damage inside the house. Overhanging vegetation is the obvious cause, however  even when there are no obvious overhanging of tree branches the wind can blow in leaves  from neighbouring trees, and the accumulation of dust and debris from degrading tiles, flaking cement  from the ridge capping pointing all contribute to gutters filling up over time see Leaking Roofs. Besides the problems associated with overflow, uncleaned gutters rust out two to five times faster than cleaned and flushed gutters. The accumulated leaf mould and dust is more often than not acidic, eating away the protective zinc coating.  The cost of regular gutter cleaning is more than paid for in the life of the gutters.

In addition to, blocked gutters/downpipes the water flow along the gutters may be affected by insufficient or negative fall due to incorrect installation of gutters and or roof beam movement over the years. This causes the pool of water to remain in the gutters increasing the chances of over flowing and rotting out of the gutters. We can put in a new pop and chain into the low point and solve this problem for you.

To prevent water damage to ceilings and eaves, water running down inside of  windows and walls causing expensive plaster and paint damage, as well as damage to carpets and other floor coverings gutters should be inspected and cleaned if necessary at least once a year preferably at the start of winter.

Fixit-Right Maintenance Solutions can inspect, clean and report on any tile, gutter and down pipe maintenance issues. As part of the gutter cleaning service we will also rod out severely blocked downpipes for a small additional charge.   Call us and have your gutters maintained to a high standard.

Part of our gutter cleaning service is an inspection of your roof and notification of any problems that need to be attended to.