Garage and Shed Clean-outs

Are you a hoarder? Has your hoarding got to the point of giving you an anxiety attack when faced with the consequences having to do something about it. Can you not add one more thing to the space and you haven’t seen the pruning shears for years but you know that you have a few pairs in there some where?

We at Fixit-Right Maintenance Solutions can help you have a good clean out, sort out useful and practical items to keep and help you part with that which has pasted it’s use by date. We can help you reclaim your space, and then make the space more effective by providing you with storage solutions that will be accessible and easy to use. Creating Tailored Storage Solutions   How much you do and how much you delegate to Fixit-Right Maintenance Solutions will be up to you. We are aware that everyone has different needs so we aim to be in clear and close communication with you so that you are empowered to make right choice and decisions when it comes to what to keep and what is to go. In  addition we can degrease and repaint your driveway, or shed/garage floor,  Call today and reclaim your space.