Flywire Replacement

The familiar buzz of blow flies is often associated with coming of spring, however these live maggot laying flies can soon spoil any protein based food left in their path. Flies are attracted to protein as it is the necessary food for their young – maggots.  In Australia screens have become a standard  on all operable windows and doors as early the1900’s. (Advertisement for wire window screens appeared in Boyd’s Blue Book as early as 1836).

To keep flying and crawling insects at bay, window screens or  insect screens are made of metal wire, fibreglass, or other synthetic fibre mesh, stretched in a frame of wood or metal, designed to cover the opening of an open window or door. Its primary purpose is to keep leaves, debris, insects, birds, and other animals from entering a building, while permitting fresh air and light flow in.

Fixit-Right Maintenance Solutions can replace your fibreglass, aluminium or pet mesh. We can also replace your standard mesh with mesh suitable to keep out gnats (midges) if you live in a susceptible area, usually around lakes or wet lands.

Suitability of mesh type:

  • Fibreglass – good for low wear areas eg, bedroom windows.
  • Aluminium – good for high traffic applications eg. Sliding doors and entry doors windows that are opened and shut frequently.
  • Pet mesh – for use where pets continually damage the flyscreen, better even than aluminium.
  • Micro mesh (gnat mesh) – extremely close weave mesh designed to keep out particularly small insects, such as midges common around lakes, wetlands and drainage channels.

Call us to get your flyscreen doors and windows insect proof again.