Creating Tailored Storage Solutions

Pantry, walk in robes, garages, and sheds; all these spaces are only as good as the way you utilize  that space.  A lot can be fitted in to a small space in a well designed racking system and a lot of room can be wasted in storage space that has no system. Haphazard storage system wastes time as you move items from one place to another to get to what was underneath / behind.  In addition inappropriate storage of items can damage, scratch or break not only one item but other items underneath. eg. placing your golf clubs on top of your fishing rods. A well designed racking system will let you store more in less space.

We can supply and install quality, robust, adjustable shelving in various widths, lengths and heights. If the pre-made shelving doesn’t do the job, then we can manufacture  (Carpentry Construction and Repair) stacking systems to fit your particular requirements. If you have a clutter of tools, we can make you a shadow board and securely mount your tools, so they are to hand as you need them. We can supply and install component bins to hold all your bolts, nails, screws, cotton reels, bobbins and sequins right where you need them. We can even supply large, strong plastic crates, with or without lids, to hold all items that need to be packed away.

If you have roof space, Fixit-Right Maintenance Solutions can supply and fit an attic ladder, dust proofing an area of your attic, and fit crawl boards or large area flooring, accessing good storage for those once  in  long while items like Christmas decorations.

Fixit-Right Maintenance Solutions in consultation with you, can design, manufacture or source and install a storage system that will fit into your budget, that will be a delight for you to access and it will save you money, time and space.