The Fixit-Right Story

Fixit-Right Maintenance Solutions was started in June 2011 by my Dad, Peter Kenrick.

In August 2014, there was talk of Dad wanting to wind down to retirement. With my extensive experience in the building and construction industry it seemed like the perfect fit to join Dad in the family business.

Peter and Gavin Kenrick - June 2015
Gavin Kenrick - September 2020

In February 2017 I took over the Business from Dad. I have been fortunate to not only have a job that I love but have a Business that allows me to support my family and be present with my kids while I watch them grow up.

I look forward to what lays ahead in the Fixit-Right journey. I hope to one day pass on my knowledge to my two sons, the eldest already loves fixing things; after breaking them of course.

A little more about me

I left school and became a Registered Plumber by trade. While studying as an apprentice I also did roof tiling, roof plumbing and concreting. After plumbing for 10 years I realised it wasn’t an industry I enjoyed, for a number of reasons, so I went and worked regionally on a cattle station.

When I returned to Perth, I was plastering homes when I was poached by a Builder. I spent 6 years in construction building high end units and commercial premises. During a downturn I was made redundant, so I moved into decorative concrete, paving and landscaping.

From there the opportunity to join Dad came up and I have been loving the handyman Business ever since. It keeps everything fresh and exciting with a huge variety of work while also meeting some great people. Helping people is something I find extremely rewarding and it just so happens that I am bloody good at it.

Fingers crossed my boys will want to take up the tools when they’re older so we can keep the tradition going into a third generation!

Gavin with sons Blake (4y) and Heath (7m) - October 2020